Enjoy Meditation in various towns this winter

Dear fellow friends,

After sharing meditation with friends in Istanbul, Bodrum and Ankara in Turkey, I am now back to North-West Europe. As usual, I am having a small tour to the north, to share meditation free to friends who are in search for inner peace, truth and loving, compassionate, appreciation and inclusiveness love.

A short intro of myself if you hear me for the first time:
I am Sunone. I was a Buddhist Nun and now retired as a meditation sharing and practitioner. I share meditation I learned from Myanmar for five years, in wandering mode. I received invitation for the sharing. I am still supporting Wake Up in Aachen and in personal contact with many wake up friends in Frieberg, Aachen and Roermond. I also supported many friends in Couch Surfing where we do meditation in Berlin, in Frankfurt and so on. 

Here are a rough date and plan of my tour, and I am open for the suggestion of date you may wish me to come for meditation session(s).

Year 2016

               Town / City                          Accommodation 
    22 Feb - 28 Feb        
Aachen, Germany
 Yes   ( Meike 22-24 Feb) , 
     Yes (Chuong 24-28)           
    01 - 03 March  Rotterdam, Netherlands                Yes   
 ( Wake Up Sangha house ) 
    03 - 08 MarchRoermond, Netherlands          Yes   ( Ludo ) 
    06 March (Evening) Maastrict, Nederlands
          Not applicable             
    08 - 10 March Düsseldorf, Germany
          Yes   ( Anja )                
    10 - 16 March Berlin, Germany
Yes (Franziska 10-12 Mar)
Yes ( Tais 12-14 Mar)   
Yes (Martina 14-16)        
    22 - 24 March Leuven, Belgium
    ( Guiomar Arrangement)        

You are welcome to send me invitation to any towns / cities that my path may cross in the above journey. I will try to fit the invitation to the plan and share meditation session with you. 

Very grateful for all those who has supported the accommodation, transport, food, medication during this journey of sharing. May the merits and blessings of the offering and sharing, may all your good wishes come true!

Looking forward to hear from you!

With respect,


乂❤‿❤乂 Events Schedule

All the events completed. Welcome to invite and join us next time!

Past Events:

In Aachen
22 February     20.00pm      Spirit Yoga Aachen      90 mins                 Meike & Students
23 & 24 February   daily       Private support
23 Feb             19.30pm       Oppenhoffallee 23, 52066 Aachen, Germany   Wake Up Aachen
25 Feb             20.00pm       Spirit Yoga Aachen      90 mins                Meike & Students

28 Feb                                Private support
28 Feb                                Mindful Eating   : Kastanienweg 6, Aachen, Germany   Taras

In Rotterdam
02 March         19.30pm     Sangha House: Mauritsweg 52               Wake Up Rotterdam

In Maastricht
06 March         15.00pm     Enjoy a Meditation Workshop in Maastricht Wake Up Maastricht
In Berlin
13 March          20.00pm      Open for all : Meditation Sharing              host: Tais 
14 March          19.00pm      Private Group                                           host : Wolfgang 
15 March          19.30pm      Open for all : Meditation Sharing              host : Martina


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